We bring a sense of calm and peace of mind to your upcoming move.  

Be it a full relocation, downsize, a family or business move, we are here to help. 

Our friendly team are here to ensure  that your home and all its treasures are packed quickly and safely with a minimum of fuss and stress; leave it all to us.

 And if the thought of unpacking your new home is just too much then we can take care of that too. We love nothing more than turning a box circus into a warm and inviting home that will look  and feel like you have been living at your new address for weeks not hours – we  even take boxes and packing materials away with us. 

Full relocation management

Whether its down the road, across the country or the world, Relok8 is your relocation specialist. What ever you need... we are here to manage the entire process for you. You will have your own personalist move manager who will be available to assist with anything you need

The Works

Pack - let our expert team pack your entire home with a minimum of fuss and distribution to you.
• Unpack - we will have all your belongings unpacked and put away
• House Set - everything from making your beds, setting up your office and making sure the kids can watch TV when they get home from school. At the end of the house set it will look like you have lived in your new home for weeks not hours


Our team will come in a day or two before the removalists arrive and with a spring in our step and a smile on our faces will have your home packed and ready to go.


The team will arrive after your Removalist has delivered your boxes. We will unpack as much or as little as you like Organise your pantry and linen press Make your beds Have the bathrooms ready for you to take a long hot shower.


Moving can be expensive and its then perfect time to declutter and organise your belongings. Why not have one of the Relok8 professional organisers work with you in the lead up to the move. Fro everything from your overflowing wardrobe to the kitchen drawer with 10 wooden spoons, we can assist you to sort, declutter and organise.


W love nothing more than organising a pantry, fridge or wardrobe. If you are just wanting one area or your whole home organised , we are here to help



Perfect for your local moves
$ 60/h Per Packer
  • Box Labels
  • Tape and Wrap
  • One Car Load of Donations


Feel more in control of your home and your time
$ 60/h Per Organiser
  • Wardrobe, pantry, linen press
  • One room or your entire home
  • Feel more in control of your home and your time


Let us handle everything
  • Finding the right removalist
  • Pre Pack
  • Personal move manager

Packing Materials

  • Preloved large boxes $3.50 **
  • Preloved small boxes $2.50 **
  • Wardrobe box hire $4.50
  • Soft bedding bags $4.00
  • Packing paper $55 per ream
  • Bubble wrap $15 per roll
  • New boxes available to purchase through Adelaide Hills Removals and Able Storage and packaging
  • ** when available


How long will my pack take ?

You should allow approx 25- 30 hours  hours to pack a 4 bedroom home.  

We aim to be in and out of your home within a 5-6 hour time period we there fore typically have 4-5 team members attend your pack. 

When should you book ?

We recommend booking your removalist, packing team and storage facility ( if one is required ) as soon as you have a move date.

Relok8 and most reputable and reliable removalists will book out quickly and well in advance.

Who do we recommend ?

Relok8 works closely with a number of services located here in the Adelaide Hills and the greater Adelaide region. 

We highly recommend these following businesses. 

Adelaide Hills Removals

(08) 83910719

Able Storage and Packaging

(08) 7444 4141

U Store It Mount Barker


Lillium Cleaning


Contact Us

0438 128 472



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